Frequently Asked Questions

Billing Procedure

Statements for weekly and every other week mowing customers will be generated bi-weekly. Payment By Check - If you choose to pay by check the balance is due upon receipt of the statement.


Pets must be secured on mowing day. If your pet is not secured, we will make every attempt to ensure he does not escape, however, we cannot be responsible for pets that do escape. We do not pick up waste as part of our mowing service. Please make every attempt to clear the area of waste prior to your mowing day.


We must have complete access to all areas to be mowed. We request a combination lock be placed on any gates that we would need access to. Credit will not be issued for areas not mowed due to locked gates.

Skips / Service Changes

Simply call us! We require only 24 hours notice if you wish to skip your regularly scheduled mowing for any reason. This will enable us to reroute our crew for the next day's services. If we do not receive notice, you will be billed for the mowing. Customer requested service changes from Weekly to Every Other Week service will be billed an additional $10.00 per week. (This does not apply to services in months of March and October that are typically periods of slower turf growth.)


If we are unable to work due to weather conditions, we will adjust our schedule accordingly and reschedule all weather delayed work first. Please keep in mind that inclement weather at the beginning of the week could affect the entire week's schedule.

Grass Cycling

We do not bag clippings for removal except for those that request it. Clippings return valuable organic nutrients to a properly maintained lawn while eliminating unnecessary debris being added to already over flowing landfills. Bagging incurs an additional charge.